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July 6, 2007

bono is in my iPhone


looks like Bono is continuing to inspire apple Digg it!

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July 22, 2007

it can be hurt

just a word of warning to anyone who thinks it can't be hurt, it can. I had two cases the Incase Protective Cover and one my Wife lovingly knit for me. However, today I decided to let it free of it's confines, and enjoy the sleekness on my person.

When I looked at it later, I saw this.

2 inch gash:

chunked out ding:

sure, I'm being over dramatic here. the chrome on the sides already is starting to show signs of the mirrored iPod back aging. However, I saw switchblades and keys taken to the iPhone, with no results. But mine didn't fare so well.

It's hard owning a device like this, almost too much pressure to keep it safe.


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