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WWDC Thoughts

As with most Keynotes of late (cept for the iPhone one) it didn't live up to they hype. Don't worry hudson, you didn't miss much.

It felt almost disappointing that they had a year, and we were teased with super secret features - but 60-80% of the keynote was recycled from last year. Stick it up to it being a more environmentally friendly Apple. Still looking forward to Leopard and iPhone don't get me wrong.

  • Stacks and the Desktop - give it to me now
  • Coverflow in the OS? Ok - but did have to make the whole window behave like iTunes? It now feels more restrictive than before, and I dont know if Coverflow is too limited for the finder. It's just to linear. (but I hope the cover flow dude is rolling with in it. Talk about apple taking an idea and running with it.
  • Menu bar transparency Uh - fine - be like windows. But why is it just the menu bar thats translucent, nothing else is? Plus all the color is sucked out from it (apple and spotlight logos) yet the buttons on the windows still have the red, yellow, green. Seems like an incomplete theme to me.

    Plus look how nasty this shot looks. It turned a beautiful green background to an awful teal, which just mashes up odd with the rest of the UI.


  • Safari 3.0 - I might have to reduce the speed of my scroll wheel on my mouse. The page just moves too fast! (no thats really not a complaint)

  • iPhone - I can see the side of Apple being that now people don't really have to write a proprietary iPhone app - which always turned people off coding for the MacOS (why develop for the 3%?). But it also means that you'll need a web connection to have anything third party, and that wont fly with this subway commuter. It's up to Apple to innovate a killer App, cause no one else is going to be able to.


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ugh. web apps are as good as real apps? then why didn't they just use the web based google maps instead of creating an iPhone native version.

I'm glad I missed the show.

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