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May 25, 2007

down in the bayou


Just got back from a week in Lousiana. My good friend Mr John Taylor and his lovely wife Mrs Thuy Bui Taylor (who also did all the flowers, decorations and designed all the dresses) got hitched in Abbeyville. Congrats you guys! (btw - what a great website you have!). The wedding was in Abbeyville, and while we were there I had my first authentic crawfish boil experience. After the 3 day long wedding celebration we spent some quiet time enjoying the French Quarter.

This was my third time to New Orleans, and my second since Katrina. The Quarter is definitely back 100% - and I encourage everyone to visit that can. They used to do 1-2 million visitors a month before Katrina, and since they've only done three million total. The upside to that means if you go now there isn't alot of reservations needed at restaurants, and some great deals on hotels can be found.

I traveled with my family and Tien's family. He brought his dSLR and I took video - so until I edit that together - check out his amazing shots which include this one above. His takes on the Rehersal Dinner / Roast, the Wedding (more) and the Crawfish Boil


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