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February 24, 2007

Its been one week

As the Barenaked Ladies song title references, it has been one week since I left frog design for connected ventures. I've started as their Director of Frontend Development for a few of their sites. A great opportunity that unfortunately frog was able not offer yet.

The team at CV is great, but I do miss my friends from frog. I'm really looking forward to creating some amazing work with the team at CV. The space we are in now is kinda small (I'm sitting on top of the kitchen), but we're moving to new digs as soon as Ask.com moves to it's new offices. As you can see they've already started to accept me into their culture:

Lip Dubbing: Gone Daddy Gone on Vimeo

February 3, 2007

vista in times square


microsoft did a takeover of times square for the Vista launch. We did the same thing last year for GE and their Picture a Healthy World campaign. Microsoft didn't take over as many signs as we did (they didn't take over Hard Rock, Wrigleys or Yahoo), nor did they take over the ones that are brand new that we didn't have a chance to (Discover, TDK, Budweiser)

*i added this post just to work on the UI of this blog - which needs some updating and tweaking*

i've got an itch

To start updating this again. with a new job on the horizon with more responsibility, I feel I need to better document and absorb the web.

In my feedharvest I've made it a point to move all my design, usability, code feeds to the top of my groups - above the gadgets and other distractions. It's the only way I'll read them if they are above the fold.

I'm also trying to learn TextMate more, as it's insane in it's bundles - but I miss the tabs for FTP'd items as well as the compare feature is much more superior in TextWrangler.

More to come?


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