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March 23, 2004

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Continuing with my love affair for ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, check out this video for the song "Light & Day / Reach for the Sun" performed by Polyphonic Spree which you may or not be sick off from this movies trailer and/or the VW/iPod commercial. Director Michel Gondry uses clips from the movie in a unique way, which may or may not disturb you in a good way. For me it was all good.

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March 22, 2004

eternal sunshine

eternal sunshine

the latest work from charlie kaufman and director Michael Londry was released this weekend. ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND tells the story of Joel who has the memory of his relationship with Clemintene erased after discovering that she had the same proceedure done.

I was able to see it on sunday I just can stop thinking about it. It's such an amazing piece about love and the possibility or erasing the memories of an event in your life.

It premiered at number 6 on the top 10 with 8.6 million. While that doesn't look like a big achievement realize that it was only in half the theaters that the number one movie DAWN OF THE DEAD was in (1,353 vs 2,745), and still managed to make more per theater than TAKING LIVES the number 3 movie of the week with an average of $6,334 per theater. (vs $4,218 for 2,705 theaters for TL)

(spoilers if you continue)

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March 21, 2004



captured with a T610, posted live and wirelessly with mfop

March 9, 2004

php code

i have this bit of code i'm stuck on, perhaps some good soul out there can see what I'm doing wrong?

I have this directory, where X number of include files reside. This code, loads X number of include files and displays them randomly. The X variable is not defined in the code, but picked up from the directory itself. So the code is successfully loading the folder, however is not displaying them randomly.

Any thoughts? Seems so simple, but I feel at a loss.

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March 5, 2004

singular forms

singluar forms

I attended the opening for the Guggenheim exhibition "Singular Forums (Sometimes Repeated)" which was held last night. Really is a beatiful show on minimalizm. Alot of famous artist were there, most of them I didn't recognize; however Bjork was there. Roll over the image to find her. It's a crappy and distant image, but you can still tell it is her somehow.

I have a few more photos of the event but they were taken with my T610 since I forgot my megapixel digital.

March 4, 2004



captured with a T610, posted live and wirelessly with mfop

they have arrived

pepsi cap

Well exactly one month to the day that the promotion was officially launched, the Apple/Pepsi bottles have made it to the big Apple. On Monday I picked up a bottle and the above cap. Of course I won, but I should have maybe used this method instead.

USA Today reports on the delays.


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