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December 8, 2003



I have been a big fan of Griffin for many years, I have their iMate (which has been dustballed), their PowerPod (which still serves me well) and I have contemplated for a time their Powermate, Powerwave and their iTrip. They have always done everything so much more elegantly than any other competitor, at an affordable price. After much internal debate on the device since it's announcement at Macworld NY 2 years ago, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the iTrip by Griffin. If you don't know, this device allows you to broadcast your iPod over almost any radio frequency. What separates it from any other FM transmitter in the market today is that it gets it's power from the iPod itself. You don't have to worry about your batteries running out or whether you forgot to switch it off. It's a really tight all in one package. But sadly functionality takes a back seat to good design.

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