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November 28, 2003


Finally, the retail section at theweddinglibrary.com has been launched. It is run on phpshop which utalizes PHP and MySQL Click on the image below to view:

November 18, 2003

mona lisas and mad hatters

I spent the good part of the afternoon on Saturday watching "Untitled" the extended version of Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous." What an amazing film, that I truely enjoy, even makes me get emotional here and there. Ever since then I've had Elton John's Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters stuck in my head ever since, so much that it made me purchase it on iTunes. I've been playing it ever since, so you may see it often on my iTunes side bar on this very page, and that is why.

It's amazing how easily one song can get stuck in your head for so long. Someone once told me that getting things like that stuck in your head is a sign of mental illness... perhaps they are right...

November 9, 2003


Greeted by a giant pear on my way to work Friday, I learned that FreshDirect has made it to my part of Brooklyn, and I couldn't be happier. And the $50 off first order helped. Finally can I return somewhat to the days of Kozmo's and Urbanfetch, where goodies were just hours away from being delivered to your door.

Not being anywhere near Fairway or H&H, I could care less about whether FreshDirect was really created by a co-creator of Fairway. What I do care about is freshness of the food, and cost. The nearest thing to me is Keyfood, while their grocieres are okay, their produce is awful, and their chicken at nearly $10 a pound is ridiculous. I just recieved my first order from them, and I can't say how enjoyable it is to not have to lug groceries up the hills of the slope. The Apple stems were still perfect and not dry, and the color was uniformed with no brusing. The chicken, and steaks were beutifully cut. We'll have to see how the steak fairs tonight, but if it tastes as good as it looks, I'll be sold, well until they go belly up like other ventures of this nature. But in the mean time, I wont be able to get my video delevered at 1am, but at least I can get my Ben & Jerry's.

November 4, 2003

halloween 2003

master and dog

some images from the village parade

November 1, 2003








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