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August 27, 2003

get your ass to mars

If you missed it, Mars was the closest it has been to Earth since the time of the Neanderthals this morning. Earth and Mars was less than 35 million miles. Heres what it looked like, if you naked eye had the magnification power of the Hubble Telescope.

mars from hubble

August 25, 2003


Demonstrators at Union Square telling us about the "Blackout Conspiracy"

August 23, 2003



Central Park

August 20, 2003


darn, first day back on the camera phone blog job, and mfop malfunctions. took a few hours for posts to show up. How bizarre. And it wouldn't work until I disabled password protection. (dont worry, it still is email address specific.)



Its back.

21 business days later

almost a shame they didn't wait another week.

finally got my T610 back from SonyEricsson, 16 business days longer than promissed. Was the same phone I sent in, and did a Firmware upgrade. Problem is they didn't fix the phone. Sigh. Why even bother anymore? Makes me hesitant of purchasing anything further from them. I'm gonna send the phone back, but I'm going to wait awhile till they can hopefully get their act together. Or, by that time, I can probably purchase a used screen off of eBay, and just do the repair myself. At least I have a clue to what I am doing.

August 18, 2003

blackout from space


I've always been fascinated with the amount of light that is emitted from the cities. I found these two images on Spymac, they show the amount of light at night that a satellite picks up. The first image is 20 hours before the blackout, and the second is 7 hours after. Amazing.

blackout mophoto

a friend from work with his T610, snaps this picture of me and another co worker leaving the building after the blackout.

this is one of the reasons I purchased the T610, to have a camera at a minutes notice. grr!

August 15, 2003

well that sucked

after 12 hours, the power finally is restored to my part of brooklyn. didn't really mind it at all. had a nice 2 hour walk back to my apartment which included a walk accross the brooklyn bridge as it swayed left and right. (i'm pretty sure it's designed to do that.) Met up with some friends and spend the night as everyone should, drinking beers and getting pissed. I mean, comeon, we didn't want all the good hooch to go to waste. I must say it was incredible to see stars above the city again, and makes me want to move out back to the subburbs. Maybe on day...

In the end, I just hope this wasn't caused by some idiot tripping over the electrical cord and pulling out the plug.

August 6, 2003

it smelled worse than jersey last night

and being from new jersey, that gives me the permission to say that.

"A fire at a sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn Tuesday night confined nearby residents to their homes as a rancid odor spread through the air."

NY1 Reports

August 1, 2003

final image

Prospect Park
the last photo from my departed T610

Business Day 9 and counting

And still no T610.

Just got off the phone with SonyEricsson. Said the phone was still listed as being in repair. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They put me on with her and she looks up my account. Finds that I had a "display illuminiation issue" and that since the phone is so new that they are waiting for a part to test that the new screen is functioning properly and wont need any further repairs. They weren't expecting to have repairs of this type yet. They said they expected the testing machine last last week and it hasn't arrived. That they didn't know until two weeks ago that they wouldn't be able to repair things of this type, which means they knew they couldn't fix it when I sent the phone in. I stated this and said that I would have rather dealt with the phone in its condition had I known it would take this long to repair. They appologized and said try to call back in 5 days.

5 days? What a bunch of wankers. Are you telling me a product that was launched in the begining of this year, they are waiting until 7 months later to get the proper equipment to handle repairs? You know repairs are coming, fucking be prepared for it. So do they mean 5 business days or 5 non corporate days? I'll call them on both just to be sure.


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