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July 31, 2003

site theft is still awful

awhile back, I had a blog entry about someone who stole Hudson's website design and called it his own.

Now, another idiot did it again! This time even going so far as stealing the logo design for Computer Associates!

I hope this jerk CA's lawyers sicked on him, post haste.

July 30, 2003


I was just approved to be listed in nycbloggers.com! They have over 2400 listings of bloggers that are based in Manhattan. Sites are listed by subway stops, so you can see not only what area has the most bloggers, but see what other people in your neighbor hood are interested by. My subway stop has 25 bloggers.

so hello to anyone visiting from that link, hope you find something of interest. if you do or do not, please leave a message! Be sure to check out the main site to see some of my portfolio work.


July 21, 2003

camoto suspended

I sent away my new toy today, and I no longer have the amazing ability to post images from wherever, whenever. So because of this my digital project is suppended until further notice.

My T610 has issues with the screen where alot of the pixels were either dead or frozen. I may just being picky, but this thing is not cheap and I would hope that the quality would be better than it is:

They quoted me 3-5 days to repair. But being as this is a new phone, I may be without it longer. Folks at howardforums.com report that they have had their T610's with SE support for weeks, as they have been awaiting the proper parts to repair it. However, they are fixing the hissing problem that plagued the initial batch of these phones, my problem is a different problem and a different part, so I hope there wont be issues.

Also, people have reported that sometimes they give them a refurbished phone instead of the one they returned. Which is Okay, but they also report that the phone would be locked, or with branding on it. I purchased this phone direct from not from a Corporate T-Mobile store before T-Mobile officially carried them, and thus was unlocked and unbranded. Will the phone I get back be the same?

Ugh, I feel more worried about sending this in to be repaired then I did with my high end Apple laptop. Says something about the confidence in their repair abilities.

Think Happy Thoughts... Think Happy Thoughts...

July 17, 2003

as seen on amazing race

For those of you who know me (counts hands, okay; one) I'm a big fan of Amazing Race. I have been since Season One and hope to one day make it to be on the show.

I picked up a shirt last year from Urban Outfitters, and it's quickly become one of my favs for wearing on a lazy day. So if Kelly of "Kelly and John" from the Amazing Race IV wears the shirt in this weeks episode, should I feel special?

musical sidebar

A couple of days ago, while pondering what to add to my blog, I thought it would be great if I could share the music (the artists and titles, not the music itself) that I am listening to. But how to do it automatically, and not have to upload every time my tastes that day changed. Not that I think my tastes are the greatest. But I like music alot, and I figured mentioning them would help to create possible discussion about them, which I would enjoy.

Enter iChatStatus. I had been using this great, but pointless, freeware utility for a number of months. It has the ability, among other things to talk to iTunes, and put the song you are listening in to in the status field of your iChat (Apple's AIM program). I had gotten alot of comments from the friends on Macs, commenting on this or that artist, and it general struck up some nice conversation. But to have it upload the information to a website, that was another matter.

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July 16, 2003


so jersey bridge and tunnels have their own blog now, called Boro6 referring to the idea that New Jersey is simply another borough of Manhattan. While I love the idea, and will add it to my list of links; I hate the name, cause jersey is so much more than a state in the shadow of New York. It helps continue the stereotype that Jersey smells from those who have only been to Newark Airport.

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Can you see me now?

July 15, 2003

macworld. No, Creative. No, Macworld Creative Pro

Oh the delemia. The Macworld New York that took place every year at the Javits center has been replaced, and a cheap immitation has been left in its place Macworld Creative Pro (doesn't that just roll off the tounge). And it brings up alot of questions...

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July 9, 2003

He was.

So Kevin was right. Thanks for the tip. Didn't realize it was case sensitive at first. (makes mental note)

A great feature (perhaps its another undocumented one) would be the script having the ability to change the Picture name if an item with the same name exists. For example, the two images below was actually another image, but that image was lost because the camera automatically named it the same name as a file that already existed on the server. I will manually edit the blog now to correct this, but it would be nice if the script somehow did it for you.

mfop2 test


This is my first blog with mfop2 and to see he kevin was right

mfop2 test


This is my first blog with mfop2 and to see he kevin was right

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July 8, 2003


Empire State Building from 48 stories high

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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop

July 7, 2003

fourth of july fireworks

As seen from the empire state building. 360° Photohgraph taken by Jook Leung and displayed via Quicktime VR


July 5, 2003


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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop

July 3, 2003


Sent live from

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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop


Foo is good.

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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop


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