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June 30, 2003


Spymac photo submission

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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop

camoto goes live

thanks to hudson at studio2f, I am now able to post images from my camera directly to my blog, via MMS.

The only thing that kind of irks me about this solution, is that it requires a third party to do so. So the creator of the script could have access to all the images that get sent through. not a big security risk, cause I doubt I will post any sensitive images to my blog. but it would be nice if this is something I could install on my own server, rather than having to rely on someone else's. Who's to say that he doesn't close the site once he gets slammed from the extra bandwidth once the word gets out. (but you can help him by contributing to his paypal if you enjoy the service)

The two Camoto photos below are tests using this service. this has an enormous potential, and I look forward to really having instant gratification with sharing images online. I could be in Europe somewhere, take a photo and have it be instantly posted online, where I can share my experiences with my friends and family.

we're gonna need a bigger boat

so apple released there latest and undoubtedly greatest last week: the new G5.

much debate has raged about the benchmarks, and whether they really beat out intels processors. the new look of the box, with its aluminum exterior, has divided mac fans and non mac fans alike. but with all the o0o0o'ing and aaaah'ing that even myself have done over the last week, I never realized the size of the beast.

the box is huge. I can not imagine this thing sitting on my desk at work, let alone in my cramped apartment.

check out 99mac.com for more photos on the G5, as well as an interesting shots of the bluetooth and airport extreme antennas.



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captured with a T610, posted live by mfop

June 29, 2003


This is a test

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June 24, 2003


forgot to show you all my new toy

Tri-Band phone with Built in Camera, 65k color screen, Bluetooth. And it syncs beautifully with my Pismo, my iPod and my Handspring (which I no longer use, but just threw in for good measure) via iSync.

June 23, 2003



self portrait on train

June 20, 2003

let your gifs be free!

copyright restrictions on the GIF format run out today! US Patent 4,558,302 which requires a $5,000 licensing agreement is now no longer valid... ....well at least in the US.

Burn All GIFs


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