July 22, 2007

it can be hurt

just a word of warning to anyone who thinks it can't be hurt, it can. I had two cases the Incase Protective Cover and one my Wife lovingly knit for me. However, today I decided to let it free of it's confines, and enjoy the sleekness on my person.

When I looked at it later, I saw this.

2 inch gash:

chunked out ding:

sure, I'm being over dramatic here. the chrome on the sides already is starting to show signs of the mirrored iPod back aging. However, I saw switchblades and keys taken to the iPhone, with no results. But mine didn't fare so well.

It's hard owning a device like this, almost too much pressure to keep it safe.

July 6, 2007

bono is in my iPhone


looks like Bono is continuing to inspire apple Digg it!

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June 29, 2007

i caved

iPhone boxed sitting on my desk...

June 22, 2007

apple posts iphone guided tour


I think that for the safety of myself, and those in my immediate family, that I will have to be literally tied up on June 29th.

Don't watch this if you're on the fence

June 13, 2007

Some notes after watching keynote

stream of observations while watching quicktime stream

  • dot Mac will now keep track of the IPs of all your machines, so that you can share contents cross networks. Sounds like the beginning of a logack integration.
  • you would also think that Back to Mac is gonna need an Airport or some serious port forwarding. How will it know all my machines behind my airport since they have the same IP if I'm remote.
  • if they say 5 points of navigation until you become paralyzed... apple has only one more finder view to add before we all turn to stone. (list view, icon view, column view, cover flow view)
  • core animation demo - so hot. reminds me of the Photosynth Prototype
  • boot camp for leopard - Dan alerted me to a blurb yesterday that according to apple.com has hibernation support.

    Leopard brings a quicker way to switch between Mac OS X and Windows: Just choose the new Apple menu item "Restart in Windows." Your Mac goes into "safe sleep" so that when you return, you'll be right where you were. It's much faster than restarting the computer each time.
    Likewise, a "Restart in Mac OS X" menu item in the Boot Camp System Tray in Windows makes for a faster return to Mac OS X. With Windows hibernation enabled, you can pick up where you left off.

    Well at least it was on Apple.com - they've since removed it. Wonder what that means?

  • iphone anouncement was such a non announcement. did they really tell you anything we didn't know? of course it would be available to load webpages. yawn.
  • and what about Apple.com? Quite the refresh. Tho perhaps to simple in navigation. Trailers that used to be three levels deep, is now 4 levels deep - and is hidden under Mac -> Quicktime. But isn't Quicktime cross platform? At least they have the hot "spotlight esq" site search.

btw - mt 4 beta has issues with safari 3 beta. who do I complain to?

June 12, 2007

WWDC Thoughts

As with most Keynotes of late (cept for the iPhone one) it didn't live up to they hype. Don't worry hudson, you didn't miss much.

It felt almost disappointing that they had a year, and we were teased with super secret features - but 60-80% of the keynote was recycled from last year. Stick it up to it being a more environmentally friendly Apple. Still looking forward to Leopard and iPhone don't get me wrong.

  • Stacks and the Desktop - give it to me now
  • Coverflow in the OS? Ok - but did have to make the whole window behave like iTunes? It now feels more restrictive than before, and I dont know if Coverflow is too limited for the finder. It's just to linear. (but I hope the cover flow dude is rolling with in it. Talk about apple taking an idea and running with it.
  • Menu bar transparency Uh - fine - be like windows. But why is it just the menu bar thats translucent, nothing else is? Plus all the color is sucked out from it (apple and spotlight logos) yet the buttons on the windows still have the red, yellow, green. Seems like an incomplete theme to me.

    Plus look how nasty this shot looks. It turned a beautiful green background to an awful teal, which just mashes up odd with the rest of the UI.


  • Safari 3.0 - I might have to reduce the speed of my scroll wheel on my mouse. The page just moves too fast! (no thats really not a complaint)

  • iPhone - I can see the side of Apple being that now people don't really have to write a proprietary iPhone app - which always turned people off coding for the MacOS (why develop for the 3%?). But it also means that you'll need a web connection to have anything third party, and that wont fly with this subway commuter. It's up to Apple to innovate a killer App, cause no one else is going to be able to.

May 25, 2007

down in the bayou


Just got back from a week in Lousiana. My good friend Mr John Taylor and his lovely wife Mrs Thuy Bui Taylor (who also did all the flowers, decorations and designed all the dresses) got hitched in Abbeyville. Congrats you guys! (btw - what a great website you have!). The wedding was in Abbeyville, and while we were there I had my first authentic crawfish boil experience. After the 3 day long wedding celebration we spent some quiet time enjoying the French Quarter.

This was my third time to New Orleans, and my second since Katrina. The Quarter is definitely back 100% - and I encourage everyone to visit that can. They used to do 1-2 million visitors a month before Katrina, and since they've only done three million total. The upside to that means if you go now there isn't alot of reservations needed at restaurants, and some great deals on hotels can be found.

I traveled with my family and Tien's family. He brought his dSLR and I took video - so until I edit that together - check out his amazing shots which include this one above. His takes on the Rehersal Dinner / Roast, the Wedding (more) and the Crawfish Boil

April 23, 2007

A normal day at the office...

Takes about a minute to get in - but worth the watch.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger on Vimeo

March 16, 2007

end the social

My apologizes, as this is going to be a bit of a rant, but I need to scream.

I've had it with social networks. Since starting this new job I've been asked to sign up with Facebook, which I did begrudgingly. Then a friend of mine asked me to sign up with iLike, a lastfm for iTunes. And I realized, I've had enough. I'm tired of signing up for yet another service.

Between Flickr, Myspace (which I refuse to be on), Friendster, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, lastfm, 8apps (and I'm sure scores of others) I am done. Plus there are sites like threadless, that desire to be like social networks, but are just glorified communities. This to me keeps being one more password to remember, one more address to check, and their values as forms of communication is continuing to decline.

I need a social network for my social networks. I know there are Ajax based start page solutions that also add news and such, but thats too complex for me. Apple's success on the iPod wasn't it's ability to make toast as well. It was doing one thing really really well and simple. I want a site, that I can hit once a day (or more if my addiction requires) and see in one view all my contacts and what they've updated where. That gives me the ability to find that contact on other services easily, without having to email the contact 10 times to different profiles.

Upscoop looks promising, it searches your gmail database and then searches various networks (they don't publish a list of the networks they support) and if the email addresses match, they link you to your contacts page. You can't however get a live view of their content, so you're still clicking over to flickr or whatever. You can't add them to your network without understandably going through the normal channels, but I think unity is needed if these are going to last. Maybe it can be based on OpenID - i don't know, but it has to stop.

I'm burnt out, and I know I'm not alone.

(*title dig at zune's campaign is intentional)

February 24, 2007

Its been one week

As the Barenaked Ladies song title references, it has been one week since I left frog design for connected ventures. I've started as their Director of Frontend Development for a few of their sites. A great opportunity that unfortunately frog was able not offer yet.

The team at CV is great, but I do miss my friends from frog. I'm really looking forward to creating some amazing work with the team at CV. The space we are in now is kinda small (I'm sitting on top of the kitchen), but we're moving to new digs as soon as Ask.com moves to it's new offices. As you can see they've already started to accept me into their culture:

Lip Dubbing: Gone Daddy Gone on Vimeo

February 3, 2007

vista in times square


microsoft did a takeover of times square for the Vista launch. We did the same thing last year for GE and their Picture a Healthy World campaign. Microsoft didn't take over as many signs as we did (they didn't take over Hard Rock, Wrigleys or Yahoo), nor did they take over the ones that are brand new that we didn't have a chance to (Discover, TDK, Budweiser)

*i added this post just to work on the UI of this blog - which needs some updating and tweaking*

i've got an itch

To start updating this again. with a new job on the horizon with more responsibility, I feel I need to better document and absorb the web.

In my feedharvest I've made it a point to move all my design, usability, code feeds to the top of my groups - above the gadgets and other distractions. It's the only way I'll read them if they are above the fold.

I'm also trying to learn TextMate more, as it's insane in it's bundles - but I miss the tabs for FTP'd items as well as the compare feature is much more superior in TextWrangler.

More to come?

April 9, 2006

Picture a Healthy World

Just helped launch a campaign for GE Healthcare called Picture a Health World. Site asks for users to submit photos of themselves doing things to stay healthy. In return we'll put those images on a billboard in times square and send you a photo of that image on the sign back.

It's all part of raising early health awareness.

Pictures from the event

August 20, 2005

Via flickr with a

Via flickr with a Treo 650.

July 25, 2005

australia is the best source for news


Back in April of last year, when NYC released it's candidate logo for the 2012 Olympics, I quickly responded with a spoof logo which I submitted to Gothamist. The spoof added the image of a man holding a gun to the logo which originally designed as a split image of the Statue of Liberty and an Olympic jogger with hands raised in victory.

Well I received an email a couple of weeks ago from an Australian organization called Mediawatch. They're part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) that monitors the media's behavior and ethics (we need one of those). They wanted to double check something with me.

It seems that the Channel Ten news channel believed that my spoof logo, was the real deal, and used in a news piece on the 2012 Olympic bids. They wanted to know if it was indeed my work, and how I felt about a news source believing it to be a legitimate logo.

Well as you can see from watching the video below, I'm a bit blown away! Thanks to ABC for having a program like Mediawatch, and the folks at Mediawatch for letting me know about it and doing the piece!

Read the transcript

Watch the video:
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Windows Player hifi
Windows Player lofi

July 23, 2005


Via flickr with a Treo 650.

July 19, 2005

i love rock & roll

So tomorrow I will be competiting in my first running event, the Nike Run Hit Wonder, a five mile course through Manhattan's Central Park.

My running career began on a whim early this past June when I decided it might be fun to do this event. A combination of running and one hit bands, (last year was Devo, this year is Joan Jett and the Blackhawks, The Donnas, Fontains of Wayne, etc) it's an event that sounds like it can not be missed. I started running 3 miles every other day pretty much every other day since then, short of a two week stint recovering from many blisters formed from my recent trip to Chicago.

I think I'll be okay, I know I will. A few of my colleagues are also doing the event as well, so I'm torn on how to run. Do I run to get a great time (they provide you with chips that track your individual progress on the track) or do I run to enjoy the bands themselves and the friends I'm running with. They say we can party after the race, but how much will I want to after running in 90 degree weather.

And where do I go from here? Continue racing, running more and more, eventually do a marathon? Do I worry about the eventual downfall of my knees if I continue down this road? Alot of questions to ponder.

Oh and you also get a cool Nike Dry Fit t-shirt, which I'll rant more about in a post about t-shirt sizes and their lack of proper sizing identification.

July 15, 2005

Harry potter madness

Strikes our fair city

Via flickr with a Treo 650.

July 11, 2005


Nextfest, Chicago.

Via flickr with a Treo 650.

June 26, 2005


Originally via flickr
with a Treo 650.


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